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AIE is the voice of electrical contractors in Europe. We represent 1.2 million jobs, 125.500 companies and 137 billion Euro turnover.

Electrical contractors bring electricity to all of us. They connect power plants, they build transport and distribution grids, they provide residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as streets and cities with electricity. Electrical contractors make sure that installations work properly throughout their whole life-time and interact appropriately with other energy system components. AIE makes sure that the these electrical contractors have everything they need to fulfill this objective.

Since 1954, when we were founded, our mission has been to promote high-quality and safe electrical installations in Europe. Covering both private and public sector the AIE promotes opportunities for electrical contractors by helping to build a regulatory environment in the EU that embraces the modern electrical contractor. From energy efficiency, energy services and standardisation, ICT, Smart and new digital technologies, renewable energy, and training and education - AIE makes sure that the key strategies and main priorities for the modern electrical contractor as a solution provider in Europe are well represented. 

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