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AIE Policy Coordination Committee present at Euroskills competition to encourage the new generation of young and smart electricians!

Source: AIE Secretariat

AIE board visits Euroskills competition - Electrical InstallationsThe board meeting of AIE (PCC) was held on 2 December last during the highly visited Euroskills’ competition in Gothenburg in order to be able to see and encourage the youngsters during their work. The entire board was impressed by the high expectations that candidates had to fulfill and the challenging task within the limited time of 18 hours, spread over three days.

AIE stimulates the presence of its members to visit Euroskills and experience the Olympic feeling! In picture from left to right: AIE President Thomas Carlsson (SE), Karl-Heinz Bertram (DE), Gunnar Gran (NO), Evelyne Schellekens (GS), AIE Vice-President Gérard Constantin (CH), Janne Skogberg (FI) and Martin Bailey (UK). 

The board meeting of AIE (PCC) was held on 2 December last during the highly visited Euroskills’ competition in Gothenburg in order to be able to see and encourage the youngsters during their work. The entire board was impressed by the high expectations that candidates had to fulfill and the challenging task within the limited time of 18 hours, spread over three days. AIE stimulates the presence of its members to visit Euroskills and experience the Olympic feeling!

At the end of the competition, handing over the AIE Certificate of excellence to every candidate, General Secretary Evelyne Schellekens congratulated all of them: “You have shown us that excellence is not a single act, but a good habit! For those who don’t go home with a medal, remember this: You are only at the beginning of your career and your career will be long as the world will be increasingly more electrified. Keep your passion and share it with others, you are a champion and an example for other young people. You all had a unique experience in being part of this competition in a national team, representing your profession for your country resulting in an excellence note on your curriculum vitae! Don't you ever forget that and be proud of yourself!"

At the exciting Closing Ceremony on 4 December, the AIE President Thomas Carlsson (SE) had the honor to hand over the golden (Switzerland), silver (Austria) and bronze (Finland) medals to the winners of the electrical installations category (18) (see infra article 03-01). Thomas Carlsson was most happy about this unforgettable experience for youngsters with a lot of emotions and motivation: “It is fantastic to see all these youngsters happy and proud of their performance”.

Let’s support our future smart electricians!

Social media numbers on Electrical Installations’ Blog and Facebook

Since 2012 (competition Basel) we have started blogging on site during the competitions and using Facebook to inform people on the blog and the competitions’ evolution. Posting pictures and stories on both candidates and experts lure people to have a look at pictures and to engage in likes and positive comments

For Euroskills 2016 we had about  1041 unique users who saw a story about the Electrical Installations via Facebook and about 1356 post engagements (people talking about it) This led to 814 pageviews for the aie-cye blogspot with Sweden (177), Russia (152) and Hungary (96) as top 3 visitors of the blog! Followed by US (44), Belgium and Norway (42), Switzerland (37), The Netherlands, Finland and Germany (25 to 27 views).

On Facebook, countries like Russia, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Hungary and Belgium were most active.

Vocational Education should remain an important topic on EU and national member states levels. AIE stimulates its members and beyond to support media coverage for their future co-workers and give them the necessary attention they deserve.

> Action: Go nostalgic and dive into the complete picture album made by AIE for Euroskills 2016– Single Trade 18 Electrical Installations:

02_01 Climate Package published – AIE prepares position paper

Climate package published - AIE prepares position paper

The European Commission released important pieces of the European energy legislation, gathered in the previously-called Winter Package, now renamed Clean Energy for All Europeans, placing consumers at the heart of the EU’s energy strategy.

Commission’s Energy Union Chief Maros Sefcovic had previously said that it will not be possible to achieve the 2030 targets if we overlook the enormous potential of buildings in Europe. The Commission has recognised that building renovation has also great potential to create local jobs and give the economy a boost, as well as create better quality living spaces and cut consumers’ bills.

In its previous positions since last Autumn 2015, the AIE also always highlighted the importance of the life-long building operation phase and the benefits for the end-user of more and better measurement, monitoring and control of their energy usage. In other words, more active energy efficiency by integrating active monitoring of real-time energy consumption / energy management systems and increasing control and automation systems. This way the end-users also participate actively to the energy market whilst improving their comfort in residential and commercial buildings or the efficiency of industrial processes.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

The AIE therefore welcomes the proposals in the Climate Package for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recognizing and promoting smart ready systems and digital solutions, such as electronic monitoring and control functionalities. The AIE equally applauds the expansion of the definition of technical building systems to cover all systems (building automation and control, on-site electricity generation and electro-mobility infrastructure).

This will require technical professionals to be involved as soon as possible in the construction/renovation projects to be able to propose the energy savings potential of technical building systems and raise consumers’ awareness and active participation in their energy consumption.

Some issues however still raise questions and will need clarification like the smartness indicator, the charging points per parking ‘space’ (or place) and the primary energy conversion factor.

Moreover, to digitalise a building and make it E-charging compatible, the existing buildings need to be ‘prepared’ by using minimum verification requirements of the existing electrical and electro technical systems in buildings as to ensure a maximum efficiency during their operation and the safe implementation of smart technology and the Internet of Things. The AIE Energy Task Force is working on its position paper towards the Commission.

Summary and links to documents:

Proposal for a revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, including:

  • The requirement for Member States to establish long-term national renovation strategies with clear milestones for 2030 (previously under the Energy Efficiency Directive)
  • The introduction of a smartness indicator rating the readiness of a building to adapt to the needs of the occupant and the grid and to improve its performance
  • Requirements for electro-mobility infrastructure
  • Requirements for building automation and energy monitoring systems as an alternative to inspections
  • A Staff Working Document showing best practices of improved energy performance in buildings

Proposal for a revised Energy Efficiency Directive, including:

  • A binding 30% energy efficiency target for 2030
  • The extension of  annual energy savings obligations for Member States beyond 2020
  • Access for consumers to consumption information
  • Criteria to be used to establish which energy savings can be counted by Member States for Article 7

A communication on accelerating clean energy in buildings includes 1) Smart financing for smart buildings as to ensure more efficient use of public funding (developing financing models, platforms and templates); 2) improve understanding of the risks and benefits of energy efficiency investments, through launching the EEFIG DEEP platform; 3) addressing skills in the construction sector.

The Eco-design working plan 2016-2019 sets out the European Commission’s priorities, including reviews of existing measures and studies for new measures for other products (including Building Automation and Control Systems).

Other documents:

> Action: The AIE Energy Task Force is working on its position paper towards the Commission.

02_02: Debate on the importance of Automation and controls for consumers

How to trigger the behaviour change of people indoors during the operation phase of buildings? The AIE participated to lunch debates at the European Parliament hosted respectively by Peter Liese and Theresa Griffin, Members of the European Parliament.

Peter Liese pointed out that energy efficiency and the energy performance of buildings is a major business opportunity solving societal and environmental problems whilst creating jobs, in particular for SME’s.

Two main aspects were identified by the speakers as important for citizens: 1) people need to know how much they spend and 2) they need to be given the tools to be able to control their individual expenses.

Even if the feeling of control has an impact on the consumers’ satisfaction of comfort, well-being and productivity, we can’t however expect consumers to take full control of their energy consumption 24h/day. This is where today’s persuasive technology (meters, sensors, controls…) can help the consumers transforming their awareness in new habits and one day will be internalized as to switch in adopting new behaviours!

> Action: The AIE will keep contact to share common interests in the framework of the Energy Package.

18 hours of full duty, stress, sweat and persistence at Euroskills2016!

Winners Markus, Yvan and Werner of Electrical Installations Euroskills 2016 GothenburgThis is exactly what award-winning participants, Yvan Fässler Switzerland (middle, Gold) Matthias Moser, Austria. (left, Silver), Werner Sillanpää, Finland (right, Bronze) experienced during the 3-days competition in the Gothia Towers area of Gothenburg, Sweden. Download the full press release.

With a challenging practical task for all ‘power workers’ and a theoretical test of one hour, all candidates did their utmost to get the installation powered first and then started programming with KNX ETS. Chief Expert Adrian Sommer (CH) and Chief Deputy Expert André Rodrigues (PT) guided the whole team of experts through the competition. AIE warmly thanked all experts for their support, endurance and expertise that they show before, during and after the competition! Without their personal engagement and time, the competition wouldn’t exist!

Euroskills’ challenging task of this year for Electrical Installations existed out of building an electric installation of a building with:

  • Mechanical Installation
  • Safe Energy Supply via central distribution box to all sockets, lamps and drives
  • Install wired high speed data networks
  • Program the smart building automation bus wired components (KNX) to make it a smart building (dimmed lights, presence detection, shutters control, electric drive)
  • Survive a special 1-hour-theory test

AIE is an official associate member of WorldSkills Europe and reported lively on the competition through Blog, Facebook and Twitter. View our info pages at the AIE website.

> Action: Dive into the different media info that was brought by AIE during the Euroskills competition and do share it, tweet it, but above all cherish it! Pictures can all be used by AIE courtesy.

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> Next Steps: Evaluation meeting technical experts | Doodle will be sent asap to all AIE and WSE Experts to evaluate the competition in February/March 2017.

  03_02 AIE activities and networking

> Meeting with Cabinet Mrs Malmström on the solar trade case in October

Further to the joint letter sent with Solar Power Europe and other European associations, AIE was invited to join Solar Power Europe to meet with the Cabinet of Mrs Malmström to make the case on the trade duties and taxes on solar panels. Final decision of the Commission next Spring.

> Report on AIE technical task Force

The AIE technical task force met end of October in London at ECA and discussed the following topics: health and safety regulations in the UK, the IEC energy efficiency standard, the development to f the PV market and storage (ppt of a representative of Solar Power Europe), deliver a checklist with arguments to install PV systems by professionals, the possibilities and examples of digitalisation for electrical installers and some problems regarding EV charging in old distribution systems.

Action: Next meeting in Spring, the task force will focus on the charging of batteries and digitalization.

> Safety of electrical installations - report

More than ever safety of electrical installations in dwellings is a priority as to ‘prepare’ residential buildings to welcome digital solutions. The existing report made up by the group FEEDS needed a fresh update currently carried out by Leonardo Energy. AIE is kept into the loop and regularly requested to give input and feedback. The report will be distributed to AIE members for cross checking information and once finalized for use at national and European level. The creation of a platform with AIE and different stakeholders such as fire brigades, consumers’ associations, control and inspection bodies, copper institute, wholesalers, … etc. will be scheduled early 2017.

> EU funded project: Smartel

The AIE is partner in a project called SMARTEL, launched in September 2016. The project is about setting up training modules for installers on smart meters and home automation technologies. The Belgian electro technical training institute VOLTA (website in French/Dutch) was most interested in the project and helps providing the training expertise on behalf of AIE.

>Meeting with GCP Europe, EU.Bac and IALD

AIE met in November and December with GCP Europe, the European association of building automation and controls manufacturers EU.bac and the European association of lighting designers – IALD- to share common interests in the framework of the Energy Package.


Please don’t forget to take a look on the AIE website for more future AIE meetings in 2017 [Download Calendar] and save the following dates:


> 21-23.09.2017 | JOINT AIE-GCP INSTALLERS SUMMIT  | VIENNA, Austria

> 25-29.09.2017 | EU PVSEC 2017 | RAI Convention Center |Amsterdam

EU PVSEC 2017, the 33rd edition of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition takes place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 25 to 29 September 2017 at RAI Convention and Exhibition Centre (Conference: 25 to 29 September 2017, Exhibition: 25 to 28 September 2017).

> OTHER EUROPEAN EVENTS | see our AIE webpage

04_02 CLICK ON THE CHRISTMAS CARD [Animation & Greetings]

Christmas Greetings

Life is unfolding by each step you take - but, it is fulfilled by every choice you make.

We wish everyone a joyful Christmas time and a new courageously 'adventure' - towards the unfolding horizon of 2017.”


Who we are:

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Monitoring the EU agenda/Directives relevant for the electrical sector, the AIE points out the key strategies and main priorities for the modern electrical contractor. With the increasing complexity of technical installations, the private consumer and house owners are becoming more and more dependent on the knowledge and creativity of the electrical contractor. He is an expert adviser who is able to explain to the client the possibilities and advantages of new technology in a technical and environmental way.

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